Find the topic for your thesis

It can be quite irritating if one works on the entire study on given topics and then suddenly has free choice in the question for the bachelor thesis. If you pay attention to the following hints, there will be no fear sweat on your forehead. Instead, the information will help you to find the right topic for your bachelor thesis or for another thesis.

It’s not about “reinventing the wheel”

With the final thesis, students should prove their ability to deal with a scientific question. It is by no means a matter of dealing with the broadest possible topic, let alone having to reinvent the “wheel” or revolutionizing science in Germany. Rather, the topic should be clearly limited to the work.

Especially important for writing a bachelor thesis is the question of personal interests. If you are interested in writing about a particular topic, you have to find out about the state of research or the available sources for this. Only in this way can it be determined whether the desired topic is suitable for the thesis. How to proceed in detail in order to find the individually fitting question is explained below.

The personal interest in the area must be in the foreground

As mentioned earlier, personal interest is crucial. The reason is quite simple: you spend weeks on the topic – if the question is boring or uninteresting for you, you will often lack the motivation to deal with the writing of the work, including ultimately your rating or your Success suffers.

Closely related to personal interest is the aspect of reference: many students choose a topic that suits their future (desired) job. This can also be advantageous later when applying for a job in the desired industry.

Look for links to other work

If you have already written a bachelor thesis and need to write a master’s thesis, it may well be worthwhile to bring out your bachelor thesis once again and to check it for possible points of contact. For example, you could highlight certain aspects of your bachelor thesis more precisely or from a different perspective.

The supervisor also plays a significant role in the topic

The professor, who comes as a supervisor in question, plays a role in the choice of topics. If you know that you do not like a particular lecturer, you should not choose a subject that falls within his / her area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.

Means: either you are looking for another supervisor for the desired topic or you have to adjust the subject matter of your work so that a supervisor can be found. It can sometimes be very useful to align the topic of the thesis with the desired mentor instead of the other way around.

Daily Topic finds more and more popular

Above all, current topics attract the approval of the potential supervisor, because events of daily relevance are often of scientific interest. A possible subject for a bachelor’s thesis in sports study, for example, is the corruption in professional sports. In sociology courses, pop cultural topics are always welcome. An example of this is the representation of the sexes in series like The Big Bang Theory.

An area where you are well versed or knowledgeable

In terms of the knowledge gained in the study, there are two basic options for asking which topic you want to write about: either you write the final thesis on an area in which you are very well versed or you choose an area in which your knowledge not so big and where you want to close knowledge gaps. While the former is generally considered to be easier to write, the second variant generally involves a higher motivation for a suitable subject.

Include your resources in the topic search
The best question or the best question will not help if you do not have the resources you need. For example, if you want to conduct a psychological experiment, you must ensure that you have enough volunteers to get the experiment together before registering for work.

Where do you collect ideas for finding a topic?
So much for the basic thoughts regarding the final thesis. But what to do if you do not have a topic in your head, or how to find ideas for a possible topic.

Remember, back

When you think about it, you should brainstorm: Write down any ideas that come to your mind. Remember topics that interested you during your studies. Maybe this is a possible question for your bachelor thesis.

Catalogs and other sources
Also, browsing the university online catalogs can be useful to gather ideas for the work. Of course that does not mean that you can not use other sources.

Use the technical possibilities

For example, so-called housework portals on the Internet are a good “theme template”. Here you can click through without obligation and get inspirations. It should be understood that copying is avoided, otherwise threatens the failure due to plagiarism.

Other sources on the Internet can be used for the collection of ideas. For example, you can just type in a keyword on Google and see what the internet says. Also recommended is the use of Google Scholar: This is, so to speak, the scientific offshoot of the search engine.

And then there are the many Facebook groups these days. Nearly every faculty is represented in the social network. Perhaps there is also a group here, which deals with the question of how students find the right topic for the thesis.

Incidentally, many companies also offer topics for graduation projects. More information can be found on the career pages in the network.

Hold a consultation with the professor
In some cases, the professor specifies the subject of the thesis. Then you have no choice but to deal with the given question. If the lecturer does not specify a question, you can of course still ask him for a suggestion.

The lists of topics of lecturers and departments
Both individual professors and departments often provide the students with lists of topics with popular and still free topics. These lists can be used to collect ideas, or you can simply opt for one of these topics. Such lists of topics can be found especially in subjects that work together with cooperation partners such as well-known companies. An example of such a subject is Business Administration.

Keep your eyes open

Even if this point has already been addressed, the “Aspect” study documents may once again be emphasized. It is best to keep your eyes open during your studies and to think about which lecture topics could serve as a question for your thesis. Even former classmates, friends, neighbors and parents can be helpful in collecting ideas. Keep the topic Bachelor Thesis best already a few semesters before the end of the study in mind and listen again and again to popular tutors and possible topics.

Finally, the questions that will help you to find the right question for your thesis, are summarized briefly:

Which topics interest you?

Which open questions or starting points does a topic offer (for example, that of your bachelor thesis, if you have already written it)?
What is the current state of research on a specific subject area?
Do you have enough resources to implement your desired topic (for example, enough volunteers for an experiment)?
Which supervisor is eligible for the desired topic?